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Updates for Fall 2022

Our waiting room is now reopened for well patients without symptoms. This includes well child visits as well as routine follow-up visits for ADHD and mental health. Masks are optional for these patients. We ask that patients who are coming for sick visits, and any patients scheduled for routine follow-up who happen to be sick, still call and check in from the car and wear a mask to enter the building. Our clinical staff will call you back and direct you to an available exam room when ready. Even though we are seeing less COVID, we are seeing many viral respiratory infections such as RSV, Rhinovirus and Influenza which can still be harmful to our most vulnerable young patients. The mask policy is retained to keep these” yucky” germs from spreading.

We have COVID 19 vaccines available for patients 6 mo-11 years. We are distributing these COVID 19 vaccines in special clinic appointments on Wednesday afternoons due to special time restrictions once a vial is opened. We expect to have FLU vaccine available beginning the first week in October. Flu vaccine may be given any time your child is in the office as it does not have these time restrictions. Please ask us how to schedule these important protections for your child.

Your Child’s Health is our #1 Priority.

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